Silverlight Tips provides simple and useful tutorials and tips with real life examples, live demos and sample codes to download.
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Damon Serji
Damon Serji,
Silverlight developer working at Metia in London.
Gavin Wignall
Gavin Wignall,
Interactive Design Lead, working in design for over 10 years, the last 3 being in Silverlight.
Allan Muller
Allan Muller,
Developer, working on various types of Silverlight and WCF projects.
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During the past two months or so I had been working on building Silverlight Tips website and managed to put up some useful Silverlight tutorials along with examples and demos. Just after a few weeks of the site's launch, it started receiving a great number of visits from around the world. The site received about 5000 visitors through this short period of time (2 months) and I must mention the comments I received from visitors were great and motivating. The site was picked up by major and minor search engines within the first two weeks and is now been featured on various great Silverlight and none-Silverlight websites including and

Today, I am glad to announce Gavin Wignall, an Interactive Design Lead and owner of Silverlight Buzz website, along with Allan Mullar, a Silverlight and WCF expert and owner of Silverlight Forums website, have joined the site to publish their tutorials and tips on Silverlight Tips website, and help to build a great source of information and tutorials about Microsoft Silverlight by using their experiences and expertise in this field.

I am looking forward to continue posting articles on Silverlight Tips and am most grateful to have Gavin and Allan on board.

Posted by Damon Serji on 9. November 2009 09:18 under: Silverlight News
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