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The trick is to capture the selected index of the item which has been clicked, and then assign it back to the ListBox control by using .SelectedIndex method.

The only thing I needed to do extra was to assign the .SelectedIndex to 0 before I assign it back to the actual selected index.

Also, you will see in this example that I am capturing the selected index number on .MouseLeftButtonUp of TextBlocks which are my LibBox’s items, you could off course capture this information on .Click or . MouseLeftButtonUp of any other control in your ListBox items.
You can download the working project from here.

To test the project click on an item in the ListBox, then click on Loose Focus button, and then click on Focus button to bring the focus back to the ListBox.

Posted by Damon Serji on 15. September 2009 10:33 under: Intermediate
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