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Today Microsoft released Silverlight 4.0 Beta version along with the SDK and tools for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 for software developers.

there are great new features added to this version of Silverlight that enables Silverlight applications to provide 'rich interactive media experiences' to end users.

Since most of these new features, such as, printing, webcam, clipboard access, right mouse click and drag and drop functionalities, are completely brand new and did not exist in previous versions of Silverlight, we will be going through them by posting tutorials and exemplas, and hopefully you will be able to play around with the demos here at Silverlight Tips website. So, make sure you have all requirements for developing on Silverlight 4.0 Beta on your computer.


Microsoft Silverlight - getting started

Posted by Damon Serji on 18. November 2009 23:18 under: Silverlight News
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