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Damon Serji,
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Interactive Design Lead, working in design for over 10 years, the last 3 being in Silverlight.
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Developer, working on various types of Silverlight and WCF projects.
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Metia 2010 WebAward for Best Advertising Website

This morning we received a delivery of the glorious shiny and cool WebAward trophy for Best Advertising Website award right to our door here at Metia in Leicester Square! This is for the project which I worked on at the beginning of this year and posted about on 28th January 2010. You can read my full post about this project at: The first interactive Silverlight banner ad in the world!.

The award is published on WebAwards website here: Metia wins 2010 WebAward for Mass Effect 2 Silverlight Campaign, and the actual project is available to see here: Metia Award Winning Silverlight Campaign for Mass Effect 2.

WebAward - Best of Industry 2010

As you may know, WebAward, sponsored by Web Marketing Association, are THE kind of awards any Internet marketing, online advertising, PR, and top web site design professionals would hope to get hold of. The WebAwards use seven criteria of Design, Content, Copywriting, Use of Technology, Innovation, Interactivity and Ease of use to evaluate award-winning websites from 96 industry categories.


Every year thousands and thousands of websites enter the WebAwards Competition and we at Metia not only were recognised as a #1 in our sector to receive the Best Advertising Website, but also managed to score about 20% higher than the category average, and this is a fantastic achievement that we are very proud of.

As the developer of this project, I am particularly delighted to have been a part of an exciting team with creative and motivated team members and would like to congratulate Dean, Mark, Tina, Stuart, Stephen, Sarah and Colin who like always worked hard to deliver an outstanding result.

Posted by Damon Serji on 8. October 2010 15:34 under: Silverlight News
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MassEffect2-Screenshot - Expanded viewExpanded view of Mass Effect 2 Silverlight banner

Today I am very excited to say we at Metia are at the very final stage of launching the world’s first interactive and expandable banner ad developed using Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 technology.

This Silverlight banner, which is going to be published on Tech and Gadgets page of MSN UK this afternoon (28th Jan 2010) and then published and remain on MSN UK homepage for a few weeks from tomorrow, has been developed to launch Electronic Art’s new game: Mass Effect 2.

MassEffect2-Screenshot - Minimized viewMinimized view of Mass Effect 2 Silverlight banner on MSN's homepage

As the developer of this project, I am particularly excited about launching this because apart from the fact that this is the first Silverlight banner in the world, it also uses cool Silverlight features such as Deep Zoom and Smooth Streaming. The banner has been designed to give the same exciting and lively feeling as the game by using some graphics from the game, and most importantly the creativity of our interactive designers as well as everybody else involved in this project at Metia, to add the essential touches to the user experience.

So some rather technical facts:

At first glance you might think how did Microsoft allow a banner with HD quality video and high resolution images, 1280×720 and 1920×1200 to be precise,  to be displayed on their MSN homepage, surly this is going to slow down the loading time for their homepage? Well it could slow the loading time down because the content of the banner all together is about 600MB! Yet, the answer is NO, and the reason is because the size of initial download banner is only about 40kb!

Basically, there are two .xap files for this banner: footprint and content. The footprint is the preloader .xap file that gets downloaded when loading the page and is 40kb, and the content .xap file, which is about 600kb, is the one that contains UI elements and dlls. All other contents including videos and images are streamed or downloaded seperatly in the background when needed. Seriously, the banner is supper fast.

So the banner is quite smart enough to not throw all content including Mass Effect 2 screenshots and many high-resolution images for your desktop wallpaper to your computer when you don’t actually want them. Instead, it starts downloading content at different stages according to the user’s behaviour, i.e. it guesses what content is the user going to see next and starts downloading it in the background, so when the user opens the content he/she is more likely to see the actual content instead of the loading bar. The amazing Smooth Streaming has also made it possible to download HD quality videos including Mass Effect 2 trailer without leaving the user waiting for hours!

I am very pleased to have experienced working on this exciting project, with exciting people, for an exciting client, and for an exciting event! The banner is going live this afternoon, so make sure you visit Tech and Gadgets page of MSN UK and download Mass Effect 2 wallpapers!

Mass Effect 2 screenshot

Mass Effect 2 screenshot


Mass Effect 2 screenshot

Mass Effect 2 screenshot


Posted by Damon Serji on 28. January 2010 06:16 under: Silverlight News
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Today Microsoft released Silverlight 4.0 Beta version along with the SDK and tools for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 for software developers.

there are great new features added to this version of Silverlight that enables Silverlight applications to provide 'rich interactive media experiences' to end users.

Since most of these new features, such as, printing, webcam, clipboard access, right mouse click and drag and drop functionalities, are completely brand new and did not exist in previous versions of Silverlight, we will be going through them by posting tutorials and exemplas, and hopefully you will be able to play around with the demos here at Silverlight Tips website. So, make sure you have all requirements for developing on Silverlight 4.0 Beta on your computer.


Microsoft Silverlight - getting started

Posted by Damon Serji on 18. November 2009 23:18 under: Silverlight News
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During the past two months or so I had been working on building Silverlight Tips website and managed to put up some useful Silverlight tutorials along with examples and demos. Just after a few weeks of the site's launch, it started receiving a great number of visits from around the world. The site received about 5000 visitors through this short period of time (2 months) and I must mention the comments I received from visitors were great and motivating. The site was picked up by major and minor search engines within the first two weeks and is now been featured on various great Silverlight and none-Silverlight websites including and

Today, I am glad to announce Gavin Wignall, an Interactive Design Lead and owner of Silverlight Buzz website, along with Allan Mullar, a Silverlight and WCF expert and owner of Silverlight Forums website, have joined the site to publish their tutorials and tips on Silverlight Tips website, and help to build a great source of information and tutorials about Microsoft Silverlight by using their experiences and expertise in this field.

I am looking forward to continue posting articles on Silverlight Tips and am most grateful to have Gavin and Allan on board.

Posted by Damon Serji on 9. November 2009 09:18 under: Silverlight News
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Gavin Wignall at Silverlight Buzz is doing a series of posts on his blog, aiming to cover the most useful information and techniques on Expression Blend for both beginners and pros. For more information, and to see the list of topics, which will be posted through the whole October, visit Learn Expression Blend in a Month! at

Posted by Damon Serji on 30. September 2009 21:26 under: Silverlight News
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