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Metia 2010 WebAward for Best Advertising Website

This morning we received a delivery of the glorious shiny and cool WebAward trophy for Best Advertising Website award right to our door here at Metia in Leicester Square! This is for the project which I worked on at the beginning of this year and posted about on 28th January 2010. You can read my full post about this project at: The first interactive Silverlight banner ad in the world!.

The award is published on WebAwards website here: Metia wins 2010 WebAward for Mass Effect 2 Silverlight Campaign, and the actual project is available to see here: Metia Award Winning Silverlight Campaign for Mass Effect 2.

WebAward - Best of Industry 2010

As you may know, WebAward, sponsored by Web Marketing Association, are THE kind of awards any Internet marketing, online advertising, PR, and top web site design professionals would hope to get hold of. The WebAwards use seven criteria of Design, Content, Copywriting, Use of Technology, Innovation, Interactivity and Ease of use to evaluate award-winning websites from 96 industry categories.


Every year thousands and thousands of websites enter the WebAwards Competition and we at Metia not only were recognised as a #1 in our sector to receive the Best Advertising Website, but also managed to score about 20% higher than the category average, and this is a fantastic achievement that we are very proud of.

As the developer of this project, I am particularly delighted to have been a part of an exciting team with creative and motivated team members and would like to congratulate Dean, Mark, Tina, Stuart, Stephen, Sarah and Colin who like always worked hard to deliver an outstanding result.

Posted by Damon Serji on 8. October 2010 15:34 under: Silverlight News
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